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The process of jury selection in criminal cases is partly a way to safeguard against undue bias against the person standing trial. In the case of John Goodman, who was charged with DUI manslaughter, a felony DUI charge, the jury selection process is meant to safeguard against some jurors who might not be capable of presuming innocence until proven guilty.

"Polo mogul" Goodman, as Daphne Duret reports for the Palm Beach Post, is accused of hitting another vehicle and killing the 23-year-old driver. Now Goodman has found himself in the courtroom in front of a potential juror who said, "Rich people get away with murder."

On the other hand, another juror seemed to empathize with Goodman's situation, saying that it could've been him in the driver's seat - seeming to admit, in a way, to past instances of drunk driving himself.

The juror who said that rich people get away with murder was dismissed.

And with good reason: even though Goodman does appear to be a wealthy man, wealth should not enter into the equation in a DUI manslaughter case.

Source: Potential jurors quizzed as Goodman's DUI manslaughter trial begins